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Rock x Lead Head Serious Tradie

Rock x Lead Head Serious Tradie

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New for the crew this limited edition collab with the flagship hat style from Lead Head, designed for Serious Tradies. It features an original, ergonomically designed pencil receptacle with the latest silicone grip technology. Your instruments will always be close at hand for marking, measuring, or writing.

Each hat boasts a breathable mesh backing, crafted from the tears of a thousand apprentices, allowing indoor-outdoor airflow. Sweat-resistant for all you damp-domed critters out there. UV protected with tuatara scales to keep the big burning sky ball at bay. Perfect attire for guzzling a V at smoko.

Key features of a  Serious Tradie -Water resistant, Full sweat proof, Breathable, Easy to clean, Left and Right pencil holder.

Shot to the crew @leadhead_nz for making us this sick bit of kit.